Kitchen Series: A Decorating Extension

As you know, my kitchen is a little smaller.  With this, I have had to be a little more creative when planning out my kitchen decorating.  Our kitchen leads to our family room through this hallway that was always empty.  I couldn't extend the cabinets any further so instead I decided to add this hanging utensil decoration.  Adding this piece to the wall made the kitchen seem that much bigger.  It took your eye to a wall that was always ignored and now it has become a useful area.  If you are interested in creating this in your home, remember to keep whatever you decorate with slim to the wall.  The last thing you want to have is one more thing to maneuver around.  You don't have to use something like this either.  You could simply hang some decorative hooks on the wall and achieve the same look.

Not only did I create an extension to my kitchen, but this has become a very useful decoration to me.  With having my oven mitts so readily available it has been such a help with cooking.  It has also cleaned up some space in my drawers which everyone could use in a kitchen no matter the size.

Coming up next in the Kitchen Series is my window transformation!

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  1. I've read your kitchen series and I'm really amazed by the simple revamps that made it more attractive. It's kinda hard to work on a small kitchen when it comes to space, but it's indeed a challenge for creativity and maximization of the provided area. Great job on this extension! I love your kitchen! :)

    Carlo Wieder @


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