Family Room: Floors

I am so excited to share my new floors with you!  We knew that we wanted the click and lock hardwood laminate flooring, the only major decision was the color and finish.  I wanted something unique, but I also wanted something that I could live with forever considering we are wanting to do this in the rest of the house as well.

Here is what we decided on...

When we were going through all of the options, we kept leaning toward the wider boards and the boards with the hand scraping.  I also chose this floor because of the muted color.

I hope you enjoy my floors like I do.  If you have any questions about them feel free to email me.  Soon I will be giving you a little sneak peak of my decorations for that room.


  1. It is beautiful! We're leaning towards a darker hardwood laminate for our craft room, office, and media room but we have until summer to decide, no rush. Our bedrooms all have real hardwood flooring but it is severely beaten up in certain areas and the creaking is horrible. I would still like to get it refinished and maybe get some of the creaking fixed but we'll see what the pros say. If it's too costly we'll definitely be going with hardwood laminates upstairs as well.

  2. Hi Dia...I also have hardwood throughout my home. It needs to be refinished because it has been under carpet but I am actually going to put the hardwood laminate that I used in my family room over top the hardwood. When I was talking to everyone they said it would hold up better with less maintenance. Hopefully their right. Thanks for the comment!


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