Decorating a Guest Room

I have recently made some changes to my guest room.  I liked the room before, but it wasn't flowing with the rest of my house as much as I wanted the room to.  So, I decided to change the bedding and update some decorations.  

The first change I made was with my bedding.  I decided to go with a more neutral base.  To bring in color, I added the green quilt and matching pillow.  Going with a more neutral base makes it easier to change your accent color.

I like to add a lot of pillows to make the bed look more inviting.  It's also good to mix and match the pillows so it doesn't look like a set.

I wanted to incorporate the green from the bedding throughout the room so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found these matching candles.  I used the same two candles on the dresser, but I used two different candle holders to give a more unique look.  With each candle holder being neutral and natural they flow together even though they are different.

Aside from the bedding, this is where I made the most change to the room.  Even though I loved my DIY teal table, sadly it didn't match anymore.  However, I'm really happy with my replacement table.

When I was decorating this table, I wanted to keep it simple.  Because the table is so unique, my decorations didn't need to stand out as much.  I really like having family photos up in my guest room so I incorporated the frames from before and added these chunky brown candle holders.

With spring being right around the corner, I wanted to add a touch of color with some flowers.

I hope you enjoy the changes!


  1. I love the new table. You have the perfect array of decorations displayed. It allows for the area to be both beautiful and functional. Great changes!!

  2. Nice. Not over the top but not too plain either.

  3. Thanks Dia! I like it a lot better than before.


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