Family Room: Sneak Peak

Our family room is finally coming together.  We have been working so hard to get it done and we are finally seeing some end results.  Today I am going to be sharing a little sneak peak of some of the decorations/updates. 

The first sneak peak that I would like to share with you is a little bit of our decorations that are being used throughout the room.  From the picture you can obviously tell that this table is sitting in front of our window.  I wanted to have something substantial on the table without taking up the entire window.  You will have to wait to see the entire table, the legs of the table are my favorite part!

The last sneak peak you will be seeing until the final reveal is our new fireplace!  I am so happy that we added this to our room.  It is so nice to have on, plus it looks great even when it is not in use.  When I reveal the entire room at it's completion I will give more information about the fireplace in case anyone out there is considering one for their home.

Hopefully I will be sharing the room with you very soon.  I am just waiting on a couple of things to come in that I had to order online.  In the mean time, I am going to be decorating for Easter to try and get my mind off of waiting for a shipment!  I have realized that things don't get to you faster just because you constantly track a shipment!

Check back to see how I decorate for Easter!

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