Linen Closet Organization

Like every older house, your closet space is limited.  This is something that we have been trying to deal with since the day we moved in.  It's been a few years, but we have finally gotten around to re-organizing our closets one by one.  One of our main problems was our bathroom organization.  There is no closet in our bathroom to hold towels, supplies, and all of your bathroom necessities.  However, there is a closet close by that we were able to dedicate some space to the bathroom.

The closet before was something that I didn't want to be opened if anyone was around.  It seemed kind of dirty with old paint and old wood shelves.  It wasn't something that I loved putting my bathroom things in.  So, the first thing I did was remove the old shelves and mud all of the holes.  The next thing I did was paint the closet the same color of the room it is in.  The shelving was a simple project because I didn't want anything too special.  I just wanted plain shelves that were clean and open.  

Going back to limited closet space, I can't dedicate one of my main closets to one single thing.  It has to be double duty.  So, with this closet I use it for all of my bathroom needs and my dog needs.  I know it's an odd combination but with the layout of my house it works great.

I use the top half for bathroom storage and the bottom half for my spoiled dog.  The very top of the closet holds things that I don't need on an every day basis.  The solid brown baskets at the top are a great option for things that you don't want everyone to see.  The next shelf are all of my towels.  The things I use every day are held in the natural basket.  This way I don't have to pull anything out, I can just reach into the basket. 

Now on to the dog portion for all of you dog lovers.  Treats are an essential, but they come in the most awkward boxes.  So, I bought these jars from Target to hold her different treats.  They look nicer and stay fresh longer.  If your wondering why I also have a wire bin full of towels, it's because I have a very sloppy dog and you have to wipe her face. (I know...disgusting but I love her)  On the bottom we have all of her toys in a basket.  We keep some out for her but it's a great place to throw them when having guests over. 

I hope my organization can give you some ideas for your own organization.  One piece of advice is to mix baskets for your storage.  It's hard to find the same basket with all of the different sizes you need so instead of stressing mix and match!


  1. Very good use of space:) We share the same predicament with there being no closet in the bath. That should be mandatory or something.

  2. Thanks! I agree, sometimes I wonder how I manage without one in the bathroom. Thanks for sharing and visiting!

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