PotteryBarn Inspired Clock Wall

I was shopping around at PotteryBarn one day (I know...what's new) and I saw this clock wall that they had arranged above their counter.  I instantly fell in love with it.  After making sure nobody was around, I took a picture of it with my phone.  I'm sure no one would have cared if I took a picture, but what can I say I was a bit of a chicken about it.

As soon as I got home, I started planning out where I could recreate something like this.  I decided to create my clock wall on my upstairs landing.  It's such a big empty wall that always bothered me, but I could never find the right size artwork.  
Here is the wall before...

At the top of the landing, I have this window that I was looking to give a refresher to as well.  
Here is the window before...

After deciding on a place in my house to create this clock wall, I had to start finding materials.  I already had a round clock that I would use as my starter.  One thing that I found so unique about my inspiration was the over-sized pocket watch.  I knew that without that, I wouldn't be as happy with the final outcome.  I knew that PotteryBarn sold that pocket watch so I could always use that as a back up, but I really wasn't looking to spend that much on this project.  While at one of my usual HomeGoods trips, I found this red pocket watch clock.  I wanted all of my clocks to be black, so I decided I would just paint this one and not push my luck.  
Here is the clock before...

I used Rustoleum paint and primer in one semi-gloss black paint to paint this clock.  I covered the glass with paper and began to spray paint it.  I chose to do three coats of spray paint because it was such an easy painting project, but two would have been fine.  
Here is the clock after...

Once I had all of my materials I could begin my layout.  I bought all of my picture frames at Ikea.  I could choose from a variety of sizes and they were all very inexpensive, which I like.  While I was there, I also picked up another small clock.  Now that I had all of my materials, I could begin my layout.  The first thing I did was to measure out how large I wanted the artwork to be and recreate that measurement on the floor.  Then I could begin placing the clocks and frames where I wanted them.  Once I decided on a layout, I could see how I needed to print my pictures.

Instead of buying clock prints, I took my own pictures.  I had a few clock pictures from an old decoration that I used before, so I decided to take pictures of the actual artwork.  I took the pictures from all different angles and closeness to create different looks.  After I had my pictures printed and placed in the frames I began to hang them.  While I was doing this project, I decided to change out my light fixture that I have been wanting to update as well.
Here is my wall after...

 I wanted to have more unique window curtains because the space was lacking color.  I really liked the pattern and color of these mixed with the dark blinds.
Windows after...

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  1. that looks amazing! very inspiring

  2. Thank you so much! Now I love to walk by that wall that was always on my mind before.

  3. Wow! You literally created art on a blank wall - very artistic!


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