Decorating with Baskets

I love organizing myself with baskets.  It's such a great way to free myself of clutter, plus they look great in any room.  The easiest way to ruin a nicely decorated room is to have piles of clutter everywhere.  You can use baskets by themselves or group different sizes together for a more noticeably unique look. The best way to keep your baskets flowing throughout your home is to pick a weave and color in your baskets.  For the baskets in my home, I have chosen a seagrass weave in a natural color.

I really enjoy looking through different magazines and catalogues, but they seem to pile up really quickly.  So, to keep them readily available but tucked away I stack them up in this basket next to my chair. 

One thing that I like to keep out in my office are cheap pads of paper.  To keep them looking nice, I stack them upright in a basket.  This way I can keep my office looking great but still have it functional at all times.

I don't know what my husband would do without this basket!  I have never seen anyone lose keys like him.  So, to keep our mornings somewhat organized I have put this basket by our front entrance to hold keys and any little odds and ends that need to be by the front door.

I like to keep a few spare pillows available in my guest room for my guests.  To do this, I stacked two pillows in a basket underneath my bookshelf.

If it wasn't for this basket, I don't think I would ever be able to watch television.  This basket is what keeps all of our remotes in one place.  Because they have a place to go, everything stays more organized.

There is a gap between our cabinets and our fridge.  To fill this, I used three baskets side by side.  These baskets really warmed up a cold place. (no pun intended)  They added a very natural look to the stainless fridge and you can always use extra storage in a kitchen.

I know not everyone loves to organize as much as I do, but I promise it helps.  It's also a great project to tackle in these winter months.  Try to make this a resolution for yourself.


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from The Inspired Room. I love baskets, too. Yours are beautiful. Unfortunately, most of mine come from thrift stores or yard sales, so they aren't as uniform looking as yours, but I still think they look good. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Marilyn. I too love going to garage sales and thrift stores. They are always exciting because you never know what you will find. I get most of my baskets at HomeGoods. They have really good prices and a great selection. You can always mix your basket styles too. Check out my Linen Closet Organization under the DIY tab to see how I do that. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Yes now I need to find some baskets for my kitchen... for above the refrigerator. Thanks for the good ideas, this is something I really have to do now!!

  4. Hi! I know this is a super old post but I'm curious where you got the baskets for storage above your fridge? I have the exact same issue and have searched EVERYWHERE for baskets that fit properly. Thanks!


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