How to Create a Chalkboard

I really wanted to add a chalkboard to my dining room, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it.  When shopping at some of my favorite stores, chalkboards ranged from $100-200.00.  I was at the paint department at HomeDepot one day and came across chalkboard paint.  So, instead I decided to save myself money and make my own!  For my actual board, I used mdf.  The surface and edges of mdf are very smooth and there's also no wood grain.  The size of my chalkboard is 2x4 and 3/4 inch deep.  The cost for a board that size was around $10.00.  Before painting my board, I attached my hanging hardware to the back so that I wouldn't scratch the chalkboard finish when it was complete.  Directions on how to paint the chalkboard come with the paint.  I used a paint roller to apply my finish. 

I am still waiting on the right kitchen/food saying to put on my chalkboard, but for now I like "menu".  You can also use this for holidays and seasonal greetings as well as your menu for a dinner party.  It was such an easy project and I really love what it added to my dining room.  I decided to keep my chalkboard simple, but you could always add a frame to yours or cut the board into a shape.

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