Twelve Days of Christmas Day 3: Pillows

I love to add Christmas decorations every place that I can.  One area that I add to is my couch.  Pillows can really add up in cost and that is not something that I like to do for one month.  So, this year I only bought one pillow and then I added a little something extra to my everyday pillow. 

I purchased this pillow at PotteryBarn.  It was a little pricey but well worth it to me.  It ties in a lot of the elements that are in my living room.  The jute trim on the pillow ties in with my rug and other everyday pillow and the cream color matches the rest of my pillows so it’s a little more subtle than your average Christmas pillow, which I like. 

Instead of spending another $20.00-$30.00 on a pillow, I only spent $2.00 to get this next look.

To get this look, you will need a little piece of twine and two jingle bells.  I purchased a pack of jingle bells from Michaels for $2.00 that I used in this project and another Christmas project that will come in later.  Because they are noisy jingle bells, I wanted to be able to easily remove them in case they became uncomfortable.  To do this, I tied a bow with my twine and tied the jingle bells to the ends of the bow.  Now all I have to do is slip the bow behind the button on the pillow and I have an instant Christmas pillow for under $5.00.

Thanks for visiting!  Day Four is my Dining Room so make sure you check back.

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