Twelve Days of Christmas Day 4: Dining Room

Here is my dining room through the month of December.  Later, I will be sharing my table settings for Christmas dinner with you.

Aside from my tree, I like to keep my decorations a plain red and green.  This way I can add to my decorations at any time and they all match.  I chose a simple centerpiece that is easy to have out throughout the month and can be easily removed for dinner.  When I was making my centerpiece, I added the same greenery picks that I used on my bay window ledge for continuity. 

This chalkboard is new this Christmas.  There are many different messages that I could have put, but for December I decided to keep it generic with “Let it Snow”.  If you have a chalkboard in your home or would like one, you can also put your dinner menu on the board so guests know what they will be eating that night.

Stay tuned for The Twelve Days where I show you my table settings!

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