Twelve Days of Christmas Day 5: Small Touches

There is much more to decorating for Christmas then your tree, outside, and dining room table.  I like to add small touches of Christmas throughout my entire house for a more welcoming feel. 

Once you have walked into my home, this is the first thing that you see.  Rather then hanging two of the same snowflakes, I chose two different ones at two different heights.  However, they still tie into each other because of the same twine ribbon and that they are both snowflakes.  I think it is important to have something at your front entrance so that guests know it is time for Christmas when they walk in.

I love that when I grab my cozy, warm blanket that I am greeted with this little gold reindeer.

This garland turned an every day candleholder into a Christmas decoration in an instant.  You don’t have to pack away all of your regular decorations when it comes time to decorate.  Try to add a Christmas touch to your every day decorations to lessen the cost.

This little tree was a very inexpensive find from Target, but adds a lot to my end table.

It’s not Christmas to me without the smell of these cinnamon acorns.

I just love my little reindeers.

A small Christmas touch to my bathroom.

This little tree sits on my kitchen window ledge.  It’s a great way to decorate my kitchen without taking up any counter space.

Don’t forget to decorate your guest’s rooms!

Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget to add those small Christmas touches throughout your entire home.

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