Welcoming Fall

Fall is here and I would like to share my front entrance with you.  I love decorating my front entrance for the seasons to create that warm welcome for people.  Currently it is decorated for Fall so that it works for Halloween to Christmas.

Right when you walk in the door you are greeted with a mirror.  To soften the look, I have put this wreath on the mirror using a clear command strip.  By using a command strip you can hide the hook so that you don't see any hardware.  By keeping my wreath generic, I can keep it up longer.

To keep my fall theme going, I have added some pumpkin accents as well.  By keeping the staple decorations on the dresser generic, I am able to accent with holiday and seasonal items very easily which I love to do.

With a few easy things, you can really warm up your entrance for guests through out the holidays.

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