Wall Art Over the Couch

Since we have renovated our family room, I have not had any luck finding artwork to go over our couch.  It's a pretty big size wall and couch so I needed to do something that would make an impact.  After shopping around with no luck, I decided to create my own wall art.  To do this, I needed to decide what size pictures that I wanted to hang.  I decided to do 8 x 10 pictures, because I wanted to be able to update them very easily.  Once I made that decision I could purchase my frames.  All of the frames that you see here are from Ikea.  After knowing the measurements of my frames, I could choose how many would best fit across the couch.

The next decision was to decide on the pictures that I wanted to frame.  Believe it or not this was the hardest part.  After long consideration, I chose the pictures and developed them in sepia tone so that the coloring in the picture didn't have to compete with my decorations.  Once you have your pictures framed, lay them out on the ground because you need to balance your pictures out.  Give consideration to what the subjects are and try to spread out like pictures.

This was such a fun project and I love being able to share my memories when people come over and visit.

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