Family Room: Final Reveal

I have been sharing the process of completely renovating our family room with you and it's finally that time to show you the completed project.  I couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out.  The room is everything that I imagined it would be.  It's warm, cozy, and so comfortable to hang out in.  If you are having a hard time at remembering the before pictures click here.  I won't make you wait any longer, the suspense is over.  Enjoy the after pictures...

When I was deciding how I wanted the room to feel and look, I imagined neutrals and comfort.  I wanted the room to look great but feel very inviting.  To achieve this look, I kept the colors to cream, white, and brown, with a touch of red.  I added the touch of red so that the room wouldn't wash away.  It's nice to have that small hint of color.

It wasn't hard to achieve the look of comfort with the couch and chair that I picked out from PotteryBarn.  I realize it is not for everyone, but I have always wanted a couch and chair from PotteryBarn.  I love how comfortable they are and how nice they look.  They give such an inviting feel to a room.

When I was deciding on my furniture, I wanted to keep with my neutral color scheme.  One reason I love to keep my room neutral is so that I can change my accent color in and out without redecorating an entire room.  If I ever get tired of a color, all I have to change are a few pillows.

For now I am keeping the coffee table clear of decorations.  I like the clean look of the table now, but if I find that perfect piece I may place something on one side of the table and keep the other side clear.

One of my favorite pieces in this room is the media center.  I love the resemblance it has to a built in bookcase without it being permanent.  I find that bookcases can be a great display for decorations.  I love adding all of the personal touches to a room, but I don't like when it becomes too much.  With having all of the available decorating spaces on the shelves I was able to keep the decorating on my window table and fireplace to a minimum.

I wanted the decorations in the media center to be substantial yet fall into the background at the same time.  When I was decorating the media center, I had to remember that the purpose of the shelving unit is to hold our television, so I didn't want the decorations to over power that and be distracting.

You can see that I repeated a few of my decorations throughout the shelving.  I wanted to have continuity on both sides with a few differences.  I also added a little green by filling my glass jars with moss.  

When placing your decorations, try to balance your colors out.  You don't want one side to have all the light colors and the other side to be filled with all dark decorations.  Try to mix the light and dark with each shelf.  I also added the baskets to the shelves to tie in the rug and decorations from other rooms in my home.

When I was deciding how I wanted to decorate the other side of the room, I really liked the idea of having a long table under our new window.  I wanted that side of the room to tie in with the rest, but also have it's own purpose.  I love the combination of the dark table with the crisp, white curtains on both sides.

To have continuity throughout the room, I used the same candle holder on this table that I used in the media center.  I also used a large vase with the same finish to compliment the candle holder.  I chose to use green flowers because I did not want the flowers to directly match the colors of the room.  I wanted them to appear more natural and picked as opposed to matching the pillows.

I know I keep saying this, but this next picture is one of my favorites as well.  I added two of the same ottomans to go under my window table.  Not only do they give a unique look but you have two additional places for seating.  I really liked how the ottomans were not the typical shape as well as the fabric.  They match the style of the rest of the room without blending in too much.

I hope you enjoy my after pictures.  It was so much fun creating this room from start to finish and sharing the process with you.


  1. Oh my gosh. This room is amazing. I am shocked at the transformation. It went from very dark to light and airy. I love the colors you chose. The red really pops without being gaudy. Great room! If I can ask you, where did you find that rug? Also, what materials is it made of?

  2. Thank you so much! The rug is from Target and it is made of jute and wool. They have different sizes in the rug. I also have this same rug in a smaller size in my office too. I did have to order the bigger rug online though. Thanks again for the nice comment.

  3. Ashley, It looks gorgeous! Everything is perfect and you definetly acheived a comfortable look that is still very stylish. Love it.


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