Decorating a Dining Room

Hello all!  
Today I am going to share my tips to decorating a dining room with you.  For my dining room, I used neutral colors so that I can decorate for any holiday or dinner party and have the entire room still flow nicely.  I used floor length white curtains on the sliding glass door, dark wood furniture, and a neutral brown rug to tie the room together.

To make the room appear larger, I added two of the same mirrors side by side to give the look that the room is wider than it is.  This is such a great tip for any small room.  It's also a great way to reflect light around the room.

I love having the chalkboard in my dining room.  I use this for holiday messages and dinner menus when having guests over.  To see how I created this chalkboard click here.

There are many different ways that you can decorate your table.  One of the ways you can decorate your table is with your dishes for the meal and drinks.  I have stacked up the plates on the chargers and placed them on the end of the table.  This is a much more informal way of having a meal.  I have also placed ready made drinks out with a pitcher.

We were so lucky to have this beautiful sliding glass door in our dining room.  The natural light it provides is great, plus it really opens up the room for us.  However, the hardware that came with the door was showing its age.  To see how I re-purposed the hardware to an oil rubbed bronze finish click here.

Our dining room table fits six people.  When having guests over, it is important to only have the amount of chairs out for the amount of guests you have.  You don't want to clutter the table with chairs that are not needed.  Your space will seem more open and clutter free without the extra chairs.  I have set the table for four so I simply removed the other two chairs.

 Thanks for checking out my dining room.  
If you are looking for more inspiration, check out the link below to see more dining rooms at Thrifty Decor Chick.

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