Family Room: Windows and Drywall

Our new windows and drywall is installed!  I was obviously a little behind on my before pictures.  The process hasn't been quite this fast.  We ordered our new windows from HomeDepot and hired someone to do our drywall hanging and mudding.

Window Before

Window After

I chose two double-hung windows for the front of the room.  I wanted them to match the windows in the rest of our home so this room wouldn't look like an addition.  They are also really nice because it's actually two windows in one frame.

Windows Before

Windows After

For the windows in the back of the room, I chose to use awning windows.  I really like how the whole window is open and they seem to match the style of our home better than sliders.


You wouldn't think drywall would be too exciting, but it is.  It's so nice when you get to the point of putting your room back together.

The next step will be installing our flooring and trim.  I can't wait!


  1. I like the change! Your new window is a lot better now. It looks bigger because it has two windows in one frame. And the white color of the wall gives the whole house a different aura. You’ve certainly set a good atmosphere to the place!

  2. Having an ice & water shield will certainly be beneficial when it comes to roof protection, especially when the cold weather settles in. That’s one of the best underlayments created for roofs. The design serves as a water-proof barrier for ice that often builds up on the eaves edge, preventing the formation of ice dams and the like.

  3. That was a smart decision going for two double-hung windows for the front of the room. It does give a sophisticated look to your home. Now, all the windows in your family room are uniform. It’s wonderful to see how everything goes together beautifully! And it definitely seems like the new windows are going to be much more energy-efficient than the old ones.


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