Twelve Days of Christmas Day 12: Let it Snow Tree

Welcome to Day 12 of the Twelve Days of Christmas!  I saved my favorite part of my Christmas decorating until the last Christmas tree!  There is nothing better at Christmas then watching Christmas movies and wrapping presents by the tree.

The theme for this tree is Let it Snow.

All of my decorations for this tree are white and touches of the outdoors (pinecones, snowy branches, birds nests and of course snowflakes).

For Day 12, I am going to share with you the order of how I decorate my tree.  I think every person decorates their tree a different way, so I will just share mine with you.  The first thing I do is wrap my lights around the entire tree from bottom to top.  Then, I wrap my ribbon around the same way.  For this tree, I have two different types of ribbons; I wrap each ribbon one at a time.  The next thing that I put on my tree are my picks.  When I put these on the tree, I take one grouping of picks at a time and spread them evenly around the entire tree (not just the front).  After all of my picks are up, I decorate with the smaller picks and ornaments.  Lastly, I fill in the empty spaces with my bulbs.  This last step really completes the tree.

For more help with tree decorating, take a look at the Twelve Days of Christmas Day 11.
Happy Holidays!

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