One of a Kind

I wanted to add a really unique piece of furniture to our guest bedroom to display decorations. When I started looking around at what “unique” costs, I had to come up with a new plan. I found a side table at Ikea that was the perfect size and cost. The only problem was that the table only came in an oak color which did not match the color scheme I wanted. So, I decided to buy it anyways and paint it. First, I primed the table with white primer. Then, I painted two coats of my end teal color. I could have stopped there, but I wanted to give the table a worn look. With fine sandpaper, I sanded the edges and corners of the table to make it look vintage and worn. I added my decorations and absolutely love the way it turned out.


Sanded Edges


  1. What is the brand and name of the white and the blue paint on the walls in this room? What is the same info for the bookshelf? My guest room needs an update and I will include your selections in my choices for what will work in there.

  2. Hello. The wall paint is called Creme Brulee and the teal is called Teal Zeal. For the walls, I always use eggshell finish. It seems to be the most forgiving finish with imperfections. For the bookshelf I used a semi-gloss finish. The brand of paint I use is Behr from HomeDepot. Thanks for visiting!


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