Twelve Days of Christmas Day 8: Apothecary Jars

If you are looking for an inexpensive decoration that you can use for multiple holidays, decorate with apothecary jars.  Once you purchase your jars, the costs are minimal and the options are endless for the fillers.  Here are the materials that I used for my apothecary jars this Christmas, but you can use any size jars and any fillers that match your style. 

I purchased all of these apothecary jars at HomeGoods and the fillers are from Michaels and Target.

This jar sits in my living room next to my television.  I tied a few strands of twine around the jar for a thicker look and then attached two jingle bells from the same pack that I used to create my Christmas pillow.

For this look, I stuffed the berry strands loosely into the jar and sprinkled the snow on top letting it fall naturally.  This apothecary jar serves as another inexpensive decoration to my guest room.

To create this, I filled the jar about half full with snow and then gently set the silver snowflakes into the loose snow.

Decorating with apothecary jars is such an easy and quick project that can be used in many ways so have fun with it!

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