Hanging Pictures without the Frames

I am excited to show you this quick and easy way to hang pictures, without the expensive cost of frames.  

I had a couple of pictures that I wanted to hang in my house that are from a special trip to me.  Instead of putting the pictures in a frame, I hung the prints with bulldog clips.  To do this, I picked out a mat that would be the size I wanted to hang on my wall.  Once I knew the size of my mat, I could print my picture.  I had to find a unique way to hook the mat to the wall.  While in OfficeMax one day, I came across these silver bulldog clips.  I really liked the idea of how that would look the only problem was the finish on the clip.  It was a shiny silver that really clashed with everything else in my home.  So, I decided to paint them with a flat gold spray paint.  I chose to paint them gold because I wanted them to look authentic and I really like the way oil rubbed bronze (finish in the rest of my home) and flat gold look together.

To complete the look, I taped the print to the back of the mat.  Make sure you tape all of the edges of the picture otherwise it won't look as nice from the front.  Once the bulldog clips were painted and dry I hooked the clip onto the center top of the mat.  I screwed one screw into the wall and rested the clip on the screw and the project was finished. 

One tip to make your picture look more like a piece of artwork is to print the picture in either sepia or black and white.  

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