One of a Kind

I wanted to add a really unique piece of furniture to our guest bedroom to display decorations. When I started looking around at what “unique” costs, I had to come up with a new plan. I found a side table at Ikea that was the perfect size and cost. The only problem was that the table only came in an oak color which did not match the color scheme I wanted. So, I decided to buy it anyways and paint it. First, I primed the table with white primer. Then, I painted two coats of my end teal color. I could have stopped there, but I wanted to give the table a worn look. With fine sandpaper, I sanded the edges and corners of the table to make it look vintage and worn. I added my decorations and absolutely love the way it turned out.


Sanded Edges

My Picture Wall

My husband and I got married in Las Vegas a couple of years ago.  So, of course we had hundreds of pictures from the wedding and trip.  I wanted a way to remember our wedding and that time in Vegas without seeing pictures of me in my wedding dress everywhere.  So, I decided to take a small wall in our home and display scenic pictures from our wedding.  I chose not to add any people to these pictures.  I used pictures of my bouquet, the place where we got married, etc. 

You can use this idea for weddings, trips, birthdays, anniversarys, anything that you want to remember.  When re-creating this look make sure to choose different picture frames.  I chose to use some with mats and some without and all different size frames.  Another tip is to make all of the pictures either sepia or black and white.  This makes the pictures look more like one piece of artwork.  Plus, taking the color out makes the picture much more forgiving.  When it is time for you to hang all of your pictures, lay them out on the ground first!  This will take away alot of the stress when it comes time to hanging.  Have fun remembering!

A Touch of Halloween

I am still adding to the site, but I love my Halloween decorations so much that I have to share them with you. If you are anything like me, you love to decorate for the holidays. However, I don’t like when the holiday decorations don’t flow with the rest of my home. So, I try to keep with the same finishing’s (always oil-rubbed bronzed) and style of my nest.

Dining Room


Living Room

I love the new owl trend, but I can never seem to incorporate them into my d├ęcor. So, when I came across these owl candles there was no way they weren’t making it into my Halloween decorations.

Owl Candle - Target $4.99

Candy is a must around Halloween. This doesn’t mean that you have to display it in a typical candy dish. I took apothecary jars and filled each with our favorite candies to place on our kitchen counter. Once Halloween is over, I can use the jars for another project!

My husband said I left my ride by the door
Hope you enjoyed my spooky side!  

Welcome to My Nest

Hello…I am so excited to be sharing my nest with everyone. My husband and I bought a fixer upper in the Summer of 2009 and we have been working hard ever since. It is undoubtedly a starter home and needed a lot of love and updating. It has been a couple of years now and it is starting to feel like the cozy home I had imagined it would be. I cannot wait to share my designs and ideas and hopefully inspire others to work on their nests too.
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