Cottage Chic Guest Room

Welcome to my guest room.  I am really happy with the way it has turned out and I hope my guests will be too.  It was very important to me to create a space for my guests that felt cozy and welcoming. 

When I was deciding how to decorate the bed, I wanted to add a lot of pilows and the look of layers for less.  The back row of pillows contains two white euro pillows from Ikea.  The next layer is the sham that came with the duvet cover.  This pulls the print from the bedding up to the pillows.  I then wanted to add a couple of toss pillows for look.  For a little continuity, I have the same white toss pillow on my living room chair as well.  I really liked the teal color of the next pillow and the cylinder shape so I added that for an extra touch.  To create the layer look for less, fold the duvet back to reveal the sheet.  Plus, the back side of the duvet is a different print so it creates the look of another layer.

To add one more layer, drape a throw blanket loosely at the foot of the bed. 

Through out my living room, dining room, and guest room I have white drapery.  I really love the clean and airy look it gives to a room.  Considering it is a guest room, I added the brown blinds to give privacy.

I wanted to add a pop of color to the room so I decided to create this table in a teal to coordinate with the bedding.  To see how I painted this table click here

I found this mirror at HomeGoods and the frame was exactly what I wanted to add into the room.  However, when I bought the mirror it was black.  To recreate this, place cardboard on the mirror and tape the edges with painters tape.  Before you paint, always remember to use primer first.  This will help the paint stick and last longer.
As you can see from my Halloween post, I really like to use apothecary jars.  They are a nice way to get creative.  Currently, I have sea shells in mine from the summer.  Stay posted to see how I use my apothecary jars for Christmas.

It's not a room that gets used all the time, but the great thing is if I have guests over there is no pulling out an air mattress and bedding.  Guests will now have a place that feels like their own and for me it's a finished room that I am proud to walk by.


  1. This room is beautiful. Can I come and stay for a while? The bed looks so cozy.

  2. Ashley Ashley,
    I just went through the house on your blog!!! What a wonderful job you did in such a short time!! You must never sleep!!
    Looks fabulous. thanks again to you and Mitch for helping us out today!!
    much love,


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